NYSEG Conducting State and Federal Mandatory Inspections on Gas Meters

Inspections are ongoing throughout the year to support safe delivery of natural gas into homes and businesses

Part of State Public Service Commission requirement

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — August 24, 2023 — New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) will be in neighborhoods across the region inspecting natural gas meters that are located inside homes and businesses. This is a federal and state requirement that supports safe delivery of natural gas to homes and businesses.

There are approximately 63,000 indoor meters in NYSEG’s service territory. Of those, 10,000 are due to be inspected this year. Inspectors will use a device to detect any gas leakage and complete a visual inspection for corrosion on all exposed piping up to the natural gas meter inside your home and business.

“Any number of issues can go unnoticed if our gas infrastructure isn’t inspected,” said Chris Hepler, manager of NYSEG Gas Operations Technical Services. “Excessive corrosion, abnormal operating conditions, and leaks are just a few of the issues that could pose a problem for customers and property if the inspections don’t identify them for resolution.”

NYSEG employees and qualified contractors will perform the inspections. They will identify themselves and show green or yellow company identification badges before entering your home. NYSEG encourages customers to always ask to see the ID of any employee and contractor. You can expect to see inspectors in your neighborhood Mondays through Saturdays. The inspection will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

If you are not available or we are unable to access the meter, we will leave an informational card and schedule a second visit. If we are unable to gain access to a meter, gas service could be shut off until it is deemed safe, and customers may be charged a $100 fee. You can learn more about the inspections on our website.

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