NYSEG Launches Heat Pump Efficiency Project in Lansing

NYSEG to invest more than $9 million on projects to help eligible customers convert to heat pumps and reduce energy costs

Initiative part of NYSEG’s efforts to meet New York’s dependency on natural gas and meet climate targets

Binghamton, NY – March 8, 2023 — New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) customers within specific boundaries of Lansing, NY may qualify for substantial financial support to implement a variety of measures designed to reduce demand and consumption of natural gas using heat pump technology as part of the Company’s first Non-Pipes Alternatives (NPA) project. An example of the Company’s investment in the communities it serves, this NPA project funds regional heat pump and HVAC installers to conduct residential energy audits and install heat pumps, as well as support complimentary energy efficiency solutions for residents in this area of Tompkins County, with the goal of reducing natural gas demand on the system.

“The project will serve 2,300 NYSEG customers, providing them with electrification alternatives to natural gas,” said Liz Murphy, manager of Non-Wires Alternatives at NYSEG. “Customers can choose to replace just their heating equipment, or everything currently powered by natural gas, including appliances.”

In total, NYSEG has committed $9.2 million to support implementation of the entire Lansing NPA portfolio. Such projects will help the Company achieve its goal of a reliable energy supply for gas customers by reducing overall gas use without installing new capital equipment, such as new natural gas pipelines. These innovative NPA solutions utilize alternative technologies to address natural gas system reliability needs, including beneficial electrification and other approaches to most efficiently meet the reliability needs of residents.

Earth Sensitive Solutions (ESS) is collaborating with NYSEG on this project, providing home heating, domestic water heating, and home performance improvements to customers. NYSEG will fund up to 50 percent of each project’s total cost, in addition to other utility incentives that are available to all customers across the service area. Homeowners interested in converting to heat pumps and other ways to reduce gas use, can submit information at Home - Earth Sensitive Solutions, LLC to receive a detailed set of energy upgrade recommendations, calculations on financial incentives available, and data to decide if it is a wise investment for them.

The residential heat pump installation project is one of six NYSEG NPA projects taking place in the Lansing area. Other innovative projects include the installation of a commercial ground source heat pump at the Cornell Childcare Facility, energy efficiency equipment upgrades at the Lansing Central schools, an education and outreach program administered by Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County, a ground source heat pump community loop, and an industrial heat recovery project.

The NPA solutions included in this project are intended to alleviate natural gas system constraints and reliability concerns, while reducing reliance on fossil fuels, ultimately contributing to New York State’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set forth in the Climate Leadership and Communication Protection Act. Currently, NYSEG serves approximately 270,000 natural gas customers statewide, and will continue such projects across New York in the future.

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