NYSEG Restorations Nearing Completion - Aerial Inspections of Transmission Lines Begin - 9:30 pm

Will Use Helicopter to Inspect Transmission Lines

BINGHAMTON, New York — December 3, 2019, 9:30 p.m. EST — NYSEG a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc., announced that the company will enter the final phase of restoration by beginning system sweeps including the use of a helicopter to inspect transmission lines. This important step helps to ensure that the repairs made remain permanent and that no additional work is required. As a result, customers in the company’s service areas may see low flying helicopters near electric system equipment. 

More than 56,000 NYSEG customers were impacted as a result of the winter weather experienced across the state. Much of the damage was the result of the heavy wet snow that brought down trees and limbs, causing damage to overhead power lines and other electrical equipment. In some locations, specialized equipment and resources were necessary to access remote areas and to make repairs. As of 9:30 pm, approximately 160 customers from the initial event early Tuesday morning remain without power in Sullivan County. Crews will continue to work until each customer is restored.

NYSEG sought to thank all of their customers that were impacted by this winter storm for their patience throughout the event.


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