Tips For Pet Owners

Consider your pet's safety and security (ours too) when we're reading meters.

When we are reading meters - whether inside or outside - please be sure that your pets are properly secured to avoid injury to our meter readers or to your pet.

  • Check to see when your next meter reading is so you can plan ahead. The date of your next meter reading listed on page three of your bill, which you can view online.
  • Secure your pet inside your home on the day we are scheduled to read the meters, as well as the day before and after.
  • If your pet is outside, make sure he or she is secured away from the meter and the path to the meter.
  • If you have an inside meter, please secure your pet in a separate area of your home.
  • Have a friendly indoor pet and an inside meter? It's still important to keep the pet in an enclosed area so it doesn't accidentally get outside when the meter reader arrives.
  • Don't let your child get close to our meter reader in the presence of your dog. Your dog's instinct is to protect family members.
  • Have a new dog? Contact us so we can put a note on your account for our meter readers.

You can provide your meter readings:

  • By using our online meter reading form
  • By telephone using our self service line at 800.600.2275 (please have your 11-digit account number and meter reading available)
  • By texting READ to 697348 and following the prompts to submit your reading to us in a flash

If you're not sure how to read your meter, view our our Guide to Meter Reading .

Receive reminders (by text message, email or phone) to read the meter by enrolling in our Customer Meter Reading Reminder Service.

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