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Choose A Supplier

Energy delivery and supply

NYSEG is your energy delivery company. We deliver electricity or gas to your home or business safely and reliably over our wires and pipelines. You purchase your energy supply from NYSEG or any other energy supplier. Your energy price is made up of delivery, supply and transition charges. The delivery charge is what you pay NYSEG to transport energy to you and is a fixed charge. The supply charge is what you pay your supplier for the energy you use. The transition charge reflects the costs of making the energy industry more competitive.

Electricity Supply Choices

You have a choice of electricity suppliers. No matter which supplier you choose, NYSEG will continue to deliver energy to you. If your power is interrupted, you have a natural gas emergency or you have questions regarding your energy delivery service, NYSEG will be there for you.

  • Electricity supply: Electricity customers can purchase their electricity supply from NYSEG or any other supplier, also known as an energy services company (ESCO). NYSEG’s supply service consists of variable NYSEG electricity supply and transition charges, and a fixed NYSEG delivery charge. The supply charge changes each month as the market price of electricity fluctuates. View the current NYSEG Supply Rate here.

  • ESCO electricity supply service:  ESCO supply customers pay an electricity supply charge, a variable NYSEG transition charge and a fixed NYSEG delivery charge. How much you pay for your electricity supply depends on an agreement with your supplier. View our list of suppliers

Natural Gas Supply Choices

As with electricity supply, natural gas customers can purchase their natural gas supply from NYSEG or another natural gas supplier (ESCO). 

  • NYSEG’s Sales Service consists of a variable NYSEG natural gas supply charge and transition surcharge, and a fixed NYSEG delivery charge. The supply charge and transition surcharge change each month as the market price of natural gas fluctuates.
  • NYSEG Transportation Service consists of an ESCO natural gas supply charge, a variable NYSEG transition surcharge and a fixed NYSEG delivery charge. How much you pay for your natural gas supply depends on your agreement with your supplier.  View our list of suppliers.

Pursuant to PSC Order 12-M-0476, Energy Supply Companies must satisfy conditions before servicing customers enrolled in our Energy Assistance Program. 

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Customers enrolled in the NYSEG Fixed Price or NYSEG Variable Price options were placed in the NYSEG Supply Service option unless they selected an ESCO for their energy supply.

ESCO customers were placed in the ESCO Supply Service option, unless the customer or ESCO chose to end the agreement. If you are an ESCO customer and you have questions about your ESCO service, please  contact your ESCO directly .

You may purchase your electricity supply from NYSEG or an ESCO. For the most up-to-date list of ESCOs.

You can select either NYSEG or an ESCO as your suppler at any time. Please note, if you agree to purchase your electricity supply from an ESCO, you may incur a fee for ending your agreement early. Check with your ESCO prior to any switch.

Effective January 1, 2010, NYSEG does not offer a fixed electricity supply price. Some ESCOs may have fixed supply offers. For the most up-to-date list of ESCOs.

NYSEG previously had a set enrollment period each fall where customers selected from fixed and variable NYSEG supply options and ESCO supply options; we called this enrollment program Voice Your Choice, and it is no longer in effect. The last Voice Your Choice enrollment period ended December 30, 2008. NYSEG now has no set enrollment period for customers to select either NYSEG or ESCO supply.

They are all the same thing: A supplier other than NYSEG is often called an energy services company or ESCO. An ESCO is an unregulated business that sells electricity supply directly to you. NYSEG continues to deliver the electricity to you. For the most up-to-date list of ESCOs.

The supply charge is what you pay NYSEG or a supplier other than NYSEG for the electricity you receive. The amount you pay per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for supply may be fixed or variable. NYSEG only offers a variable supply price.

The transition charge is the difference between the market price of electricity and the price of NYSEG’s long-term electricity supply contracts (may be positive or negative). This charge will be the same variable charge whether you purchase your electricity supply from NYSEG or from an ESCO.

The delivery charge is what you pay NYSEG to transport electricity to you over our power lines to your home or business. It is a fixed price per kwh.

You have the same choices as any NYSEG customer: NYSEG Supply Service, a variable price option for electricity supply, or ESCO Supply Service, with supply provided by an energy services company (ESCO). You can select either option anytime.

If you do not have an ESCO selected when you begin service with NYSEG, you will be billed on the NYSEG Supply Service rate.

It consists of a variable electricity supply and transition charge and a fixed NYSEG delivery charge. The supply price varies according to market prices. NYSEG makes no profit on your supply charge.

It consists of a variable transition charge, a fixed NYSEG delivery charge and an ESCO supply charge. What you pay for your supply charge depends upon your agreement with your ESCO. ESCOs may offer both fixed and variable supply prices. To learn more about ESCO offers, please contact ESCOs directly. For the most up-to-date list of ESCOs.

You can contact ESCOs. For the most up-to-date list of ESCOs.

The electricity supply, transition and delivery charges for the NYSEG Supply Service can be found on our supplier page.

ESCO pricing information is not provided to NYSEG. ESCOs may have both fixed and variable price offers. You must contact ESCOs directly for information about their offers. For a list of ESCOs.

All customers who receive delivery service from NYSEG pay the same variable transition charge regardless of who supplies their electricity.

Yes. The electricity supply prices are calculated and displayed each day on our price page. These will be updated in January to reflect the new NYSEG supply prices and the delivery and transition charges that apply to both NYSEG Supply Service and ESCO Supply Service. The supply price you will be charged will depend on the prices in effect during your billing period.

Factors that may contribute to the wholesale market price of electricity include supply availability, demand for electricity, transmission line availability, economic conditions, power plant fuel costs and the weather.

NYSEG places no limits on switching. However, ESCOs may limit switching. You should check with the ESCOs regarding switching rules.

If you switch from NYSEG to an ESCO, you'll receive a letter from NYSEG confirming your change in supplier. You can view your current supply choice on the top of page three of your bill, right above the meter reading table or by viewing your selection .

You still call NYSEG. NYSEG will continue to safely and reliably deliver your electricity no matter which supplier you choose. For questions about electricity supply from your ESCO or about the ESCO portion of your electricity bill, contact your ESCO.

The NYPA allocation of low-cost hydropower to benefit NYSEG residential customers has been extended, on a month-to-month basis, through December 2009. The benefit to residential customers is reflected in the transition charge.

Purchasing clean, renewable wind energy is an option entirely separate from choosing your electricity supplier. If at any time you are interested in purchasing wind energy or call 800.35.NYSEG (800.356.9734).

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