Community Distributed Generation

Community Distributed Generation

Community distributed generation (CDG) is making a difference in our clean energy future and creating an exciting new chapter of renewable energy in New York. It’s also a quickly growing space in our energy future as more and more renewable energy sources, like solar farms, are added to our energy grid.

What is Community Distributed Generation?

Community distributed generation allows an electricity generation facility, like a solar farm, to share the benefits of clean energy production with participants. Through a subscription, residential and business customers can join to receive monthly credits from the electricity generated at the facility without the need to install or maintain equipment on your property.


Many of our customers are already taking advantage of the benefits.

Easy: A great option if you have a small or shaded piece of property, rent or you aren’t ready to commit to solar panel investment, but still want to support clean energy. Plus, there is no installation or maintenance costs.

Savings: Annual electricity savings depends on your subscription with the developer, but often you can save between 5-10% off your electricity bill with participation.

Local Energy: Clean energy programs help support local renewable energy jobs and development, connecting you directly to clean energy projects in your community.

How do I participate?

There are currently a number of resources available to help you review and understand CDG projects across the state that you can participate in. NYSERDA offers a find a community solar project tool that includes a list of providers and projects near you. As well as helpful questions you can use while researching projects. Once you find an available project, simply contact the provider to review any subscription terms or contracts and sign up through the project to start receiving credits on your electricity bill.

Just for developers!

If you’re a developer interested in establishing or already have an active community distributed generation project, we can guide you through the application process, and provide the associated procedures and forms.

CDG projects must adhere to the distributed generation interconnection process. If you’re a developer, application for interconnection of distributed generation can be submitted via our online portal. Once you have submitted an application, you can view your application status online through a secure login ID and password.

Community Distributed Generation Application Process

Additional steps are required to apply for CDG. For projects operating under NEM Phase I/Volumetric tariff provisions, associated procedures can be found in the CDG NEM/Volumetric Procedural Requirements . For projects operating under Value of Distributed Energy Resources, associated procedures are located in the CDG Value Stack Procedural Requirements. As of April 1, 2021 Value Stack projects can participate in our Net Crediting program. Additional information on Net Crediting can be found in the CDG Value Stack Procedural Requirements.

Community Distributed Generation Documents

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