Load Profiles

Load Profiles

A load profile is created using measurements of a customer's electricity use at regular intervals, typically one hour or less, and provides an accurate representation of a customer's usage pattern over time.

Since this requires the use of expensive interval meters, it has not been cost-effective to meter all accounts this way. So, NYSEG contracted with Primen Inc., an Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) affiliate, to develop load profiles based on service classification and voltage. The load profiles were customized to NYSEG customer population, and weather.

Day Type Profiles

Three profiles - Weekday, Saturday and Sunday - were developed for each month and each segment. The profiles are used to calculate the supply credit and in the development of load serving entity (LSE) load for the New York Independent System Operator. The classload profiles are effective November 1, 2003. Prior to this date, NYSEG used the system load shape to model each customer.


Effective July 1, 2016

Starting January 1, 2003

Effective November 1, 2003


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