Manage your account completely at your convenience, on your schedule, with our online services! We have a variety of billing and payment options to choose from. Learn more about our most popular options below, or log in and use them right now.

Online Payment Options

You have many ways to pay your bill online at your convenience! View and pay your bill online with a checking account or credit card, enroll in eBill, AutoPay (EFT), and/or Budget Billing, and manage your Budget Billing settings.

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About eBill

Convenient payment and billing services for you: eBill, AutoPay, and Budget Billing

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All you need to know about meter reading

Reading your meter is an easy way to avoid estimated bills.

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Our customized alerts inform you about outages and meter readings for your account. Choose how to receive your alerts – text, email or phone – and get updates when you want them.

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We offer a variety of programs and services to make it easy to do business with us.

Understand Your Bill

Learn more about choosing an energy supplier,different pricing options, view a sample bill, and more.

Sample Bill

What does a bill look like? View a sample bill.

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Manage your energy costs by reviewing our rate options and choosing the plan that best meets your energy needs.

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Choose a Supplier

You can purchase your energy supply from NYSEG or a supplier other than NYSEG.

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Typical Cost

Compare average monthly bills for customers who purchased their electricity and/or natural gas supply from NYSEG.

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