PSC No. 120 - Schedule for Electric Service

Table of Contents

For your convenience, we have placed the entire Tariff online, General Information and Service Classifications.

General Information

  1. Territory to Which Schedule Applies
  2. Submetering
  3. Reserved for Future Use
  4. Surcharge to Collect System Benefits Charge
  5. Reserved for Future Use
  6. Increase in Rates and Charges Applicable Where Service is Supplied
  7. Revenue Decoupling Mechanism (RDM) Adjustment
  8. Reserved for Future Use
  9. Reserved for Future Use
  10. Economic Development Power (EDP)
  11. Recharge New York (RNY) Power Program 
  12. Western New York NYPA Power (formerly known as New Allocations of NYPA Power)
  13. Reserved for Future Use
  14. Reserved for Future Use
  15. Reserved for Future Use
  16. General Retail Access
  17. Uniform Business Practices – Distributed Energy Resources Providers
  18. High Load Factor Manufacturer Power (HLFM)
  19. Reserved for Future Use
  20. Reserved for Future Use
  21. Reserved for Future Use
  22. Farm Waste Electric Generating System Option
  23. Wind Electric Service Options
  24. Electric Hybrid Generating System Option
  25. Supply Service Options
  26. Solar Residential Electric Service Option
  27. Solar Non-Residential Electric Service Option
  28. Reserved for Future Use
  29. Micro-combined Heat and Power (MCHP) Service Option
  30. Fuel Cell Service Option 
  31. Micro-Hydroelectric Service Option
  32. Excelsior Job Program
  33. Residential Agricultural Discount (RAD) 
  34. Distribution Load Relief Program
  35. Commercial System Relief Program
  36. Direct Load Control Program
  37. Community Distributed Generation
  38. Rate Adjustment Mechanism (RAM)
  39. Clean Energy Standard (CES) Collection
  40. Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER)
  41. Energy Smart Community (ESC) Rate Option Pilot
  42. Remote Net Metering
  43. Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) Surcharge
  44. Energy Storage Deployment Cost Recovery
  45. New York Power Authority (NYPA) Program to Contribute to Existing Economic Development Customers and Serve New Governmental Entities
  46. Earnings Adjustment (EAM) Mechanism
  47. Non-Wire Alternatives (NWA)
  48. Term and Auto-Dynamic Load Management Program
  49. Electric Vehicle (EV) Make Ready Surcharge (EV Surcharge)

Service Classifications

  1. Residential Service
  2. General Service with Demand Metering
  3. Primary Service - 25 KW or more
  4. Cancelled
  5. Outdoor Lighting Service
  6. General Service
  7. Large General Service with Time-of-Use Metering
  8. Residential - Day Night Service
  9. General Service - Day Night Service
  10. Cogeneration or Small Power Production - Sale of Energy to the Corporation
  11. Standby Service
  12. Residential Service with Time-of-Use Metering
  13. Competitive Alternative Industrial Service
  14. Large Economic Development Service