Report Electric Outage

If you have a natural gas emergency or smell a gas odor, call us at 800.572.1121 or call 911.

If you are reporting a life-threatening electricity emergency, call us at 800.572.1131 or call 911.


Report an electricity outage or get an outage update

Before reporting an electricity outage, take steps to determine if it is our responsibility:

  • Do your neighbors have power?
  • Are the streetlights lit?
  • Are your breakers tripped or fuses blown?
  • Do you have no lights in only one room?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the problem may be with your equipment. Do not report an outage online. If we respond and find that the problem is with your electrical equipment, you will be billed for our service call. Please call us at 800.572.1131 to discuss your electricity outage.

Click "continue" to report your outage or see if we have any updated restoration information for the outage you have already reported.



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