Landlords And Renters

Rental property owners or agents: protect your property, assist your tenants and manage your accounts with our services. 

  • Rental Property Coding Service: We’ll code your rental property accounts with instructions to be used whenever we receive a request from a tenant to take service out of their name. Interested? Fill out and return our Rental Property Coding Service
  • You can even enroll these accounts in our free payment options such as online billing or electronic funds transfer once they revert to your name. 
  • Customer/Landlord Request for Service: Help your tenants put service in their name by providing them with our Customer/Landlord Request for Service. If you want to know if your tenant receives a reminder or termination notice, use this same form to enroll in our Third Party Notification Service, which (with your tenant's written consent) allows NYSEG to notify you by mail when reminder or termination notices are sent – without obligating you financially.

If your tenant already has NYSEG service and you wish to be notified if they receive reminder or termination notices, use this Third Party Notification Service form to enroll instead. 

  • My Online Profile: Manage single or multiple NYSEG accounts online with one Login ID.
  • Read more about other online services that make it easier and less time consuming for you to manage your accounts.
  • Energy Efficiency Rebates: We have incentives available for eligible customers who reduce their electricity and natural gas use. These incentives are funded through the System Benefits Charge that appears on customer bills. Rental property owners may be eligible if they meet certain criteria and can demonstrate that they purchased the eligible equipment.