Binghamton Court St Remediation Project

Aside from providing reliable service to our customers, our core principles include a commitment to the well-being of our communities. This initiative is part of our continuing efforts to safeguard the environment and reduce our corporate carbon footprint, creating a sustainable community for everyone.

The MGP site is located at 271 Court Street in the City of Binghamton, NY and consists of approximately 3 acres of land located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Court Street (NYS Route 11) and Tompkins Street.

From approximately 1888 until about 1939, the site was home to a manufactured gas plant (MGP) which produced combustible gas from coal and oil. After the MGP closed in 1939, the site was used to store natural gas until approximately 1950. By 1969, all above ground structures associated with the MGP had been demolished.

While we never owned nor operated the MGP, we are responsible for the environmental impacts left behind by its operation as a result of our purchase of Columbia Gas of New York in 1990.

The site is divided into two operable units:

  • operable unit 1 (OU-1) - is the upland area located at 271 Court Street, and
  • operable unit 2 (OU-2) - is the area of the Susquehanna River where MGP residuals have migrated to from OU-1

OU-1 has been remediated through a series of interim remedial measures as identified in the time line below. OU-2 will be remediated beginning in the fall of 2018 as part of our on-going commitment to environmental stewardship.

We are committed to responsible management of this site and a clean environment for generations of New Yorkers. 



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