Time-of-use service rate

Using Electricity during mid-peak and off-peak service times may lower your electricity bill. If you use at least 35,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year our Time-of-Use rate may help you manage your energy costs.

What is the Time-of-Use rate?

During on-peak hours, when customer demands for electricity are highest, the cost of providing electricity is greater than at mid- and off-peak hours, when customer demand is lower. With the Time-of-Use service rate, your cost varies according to the period in which you use the electricity.  If you use electricity when demand is high (on-peak), your cost will be higher. However, if you use electricity when the demand is low (off-peak), your cost will be lower. If you use electricity during mid-peak hours, your cost will be in between the on-peak and off-peak rates.

Will I save money using the Time-of-Use rate?

Customers who shift a large portion of their use of major electrical appliances to off-peak or mid-peak hours may save money. The important thing to remember is that the Time-of-Use service rate gives customers with high electricity usage an opportunity to control their bill by shifting use to mid-peak and off-peak periods.

How do I apply for the Time-of-Use rate?

If you think you would benefit from the Time-of-Use service rate, please call us at 800.572.1111.

Learn More

For more information about the Time-of-Use rate including peak and off-peak hours, please read our informational brochure (PDF).