Commercial & Industrial Rebate Program

2019 Rebate Program Closed

The 2019 rebate program is currently closed; however, our limited-time offer on steam traps is available until December 13, 2019.

Please note the following important dates:

  • Our 2020 documents will be posted in early January.
  • Pre-approval reviews will resume in January.
  • We will be spending the month of December on payment approvals only.


Limited-Time Offer on Steam Traps

For a limited time, we are offering double rebates for steam trap surveys and steam trap repair or replacement.

Steam Trap Survey

  • Enhanced rebate covers 100% of steam trap survey cost, up to $10,000

Steam Trap Repair or Replacement

  • Enhanced rebate of $100 per failed-open steam trap repaired or replaced (space heating system pressure ≤ 15 psig)

Contact us today to get started!

Offer terms and conditions:

  • Applies to projects for NYSEG natural gas customers only.
  • Effective immediately and valid until December 31, 2019 or until funds are exhausted.
  • Offer may be suspended at the discretion of NYSEG at any time.
  • Projects must be submitted with all required final completion documents by December 13, 2019.
  • Additional conditions may apply. Contact us for more details.


Our Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Rebate Program delivers energy efficiency options in two key ways:

  • Prescriptive rebates for a broad range of specific, predetermined measures.
  • Custom rebates for projects that require site-specific assessment and cost analysis, and are not eligible for any prescriptive rebates.

We now provide new construction rebates for customers who design and construct their facilities with energy-efficient equipment. Rebates can be pursued through either a Prescriptive or Custom application depending on the measure(s) installed. The incentive catalogs indicate which prescriptive measures are eligible for new construction, and will be available in early January.


Our program is open to NYSEG nonresidential commercial, industrial, institutional customers and municipalities who pay an electricity and/or natural gas System Benefits Charge (SBC) on their utility bills. Find more eligibility information.


Our Trade Ally Network includes qualified commercial contractors and energy experts to help you with all your energy efficiency needs. Contact a Trade Ally today!


If you are a commercial contractor or consultant providing energy efficient equipment or services to our customers, visit our Trade Ally website.


Whether you are new to the C&I Rebate Program or want to learn about the 2019 updates, you can view our program kickoff webinar and seminar presentation below. The presentation includes a program overview, the application process, and 2019 highlights. You can also use our convenient contact us form and we’ll respond to you within one to two business days.

Online Program Portal is Now Available!

For our customers, would you like to check your project status? Do you need to find a contractor? You can do both, and more, with our online Program Portal powered by Efficiency Navigator. Create an account to apply for rebates or search for contractors in your area via the Find a Contractor Tool!

For our trade allies, set up your account and create your custom web profile!

If you have questions about our program, please contact our implementation contractor Franklin Energy at 888.316.8023 or send an email.

Please note: IRS Form W-9 must be on file with NYSEG before Commercial & Industrial rebate program payments can be made. Program applicants (parties receiving payment) are asked to include IRS Form W-9 along with other required rebate application materials. IRS Form W-9 is available at



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