Community Distributed Generation

Are you interested in establishing or already have an active community distributed generation project? This page can help you learn more, guide you through the application process, and provide the associated procedures and forms.

What is Community Distributed Generation?

Community distributed generation (CDG) allows an electrical production facility up to 5kW, such as a solar farm project, to share benefits through a subscription with residential and business participants who otherwise are not able to participate in solar benefits.

After signing up through a community distributed generation project, participants receive a credit on their NYSEG electricity bill. Customers interested in participating in CDG can visit NYSERDA for more information on community solar projects near them.

CDG projects must adhere to the distributed generation interconnection process. If you’re a developer, application for interconnection of distributed generation can be submitted via our online portal. Once you have submitted an application, you can view your application status online through a secure login ID and password.

Community Distributed Generation Application Process

Additional steps are required to apply for CDG. For projects operating under NEM Phase I/Volumetric tariff provisions, associated procedures can be found in the CDG NEM/Volumetric Procedural Requirements. For projects operating under Value of Distributed Energy Resources, associated procedures are located in the CDG Value Stack Procedural Requirements. As of April 1, 2021 Value Stack projects can participate in our Net Crediting program. Additional information on Net Crediting can be found in the CDG Value Stack Procedural Requirements.

Community Distributed Generation Documents