Smart Meters

We’re dedicated to meeting the energy needs of our customers and taking steps to build a smarter energy infrastructure, including the installation of smart meters offering you convenience, more control, and expanded choice in understanding and managing your energy use.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is an electric meter and/or natural gas meter module with two-way communications between the meter and our systems. The smart meter transmits usage and meter status information to us.

What can I expect with a smart meter?

What does this mean for you? No more estimated bills! And with detailed hourly usage information, you can make informed decisions to get the most out of every energy dollar.


  • Smart meters automatically transmit usage data, so the need for bill estimates, onsite visits and customer meter reads is greatly reduced.
  • Smart meters help us pinpoint and respond to outages more quickly.
  • Moving is easier with faster access to your electricity service when you need it and stopping service when you don’t.


  • Our online Energy Manager tool will connect you with your energy use and customized recommendations to save energy. After your smart meter is installed, you’ll have access to detailed energy use down to the hour to better understand how you’re using energy in your home or business.
  • EnergyTrack will send a monthly snapshot of your electricity use right to your inbox so you can make smart adjustments. Update your email address in My Account to make sure you don’t miss out!
  • Usage Alerts will be available in the future. After signing up, similar to our Meter Read and Outage Alerts, you will be able to receive updates about your energy use, helping you manage changes and plan for monthly bills.


  • Knowledge is power. Detailed usage information and recommendations give you control over your monthly bills with ways to use less energy and potentially save money.
  • Future smart pricing options will let you shift electricity usage to lower-cost times of day, so you may be able to lower your bills.
  • Select from rebates and promotions on energy-saving products or explore renewable options.

Smart meter installation

We plan to install our new standard smart meters across our service areas over the next couple of years. As we begin to prepare for installations in your neighborhood, you may see open houses or events with additional information in your community.

Installation takes just a few minutes, with only a brief interruption in your power. If your meter is located outside, there is nothing more you need to do and we’ll confirm your successful installation by leaving a door hanger the day we install your new standard smart meter. If we can’t gain access to your meter for any reason, we’ll leave behind contact information so you can make an appointment to have it exchanged at a time that’s convenient for you.

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