Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standard for the electronic exchange of information between businesses using standard, machine-processable, structured data formats.

Utilities and ESCO/Marketers are required to comply with the PSC's Orders regarding Case 98-M-0667.


  • Has been an active participant in the EDI Collaborative and supports the direction being taken.
  • Has been Phase I certified.
  • Has successfully completed Phase II testing, demonstrating the ability to conduct business using EDI over the Internet.
  • Has completed Phase III testing with many ESCO/Marketers. Interested parties can view information about and enroll in NYSEG’s testing process positions via our EDI Test Schedules.

For more information, refer to the EDI Overview(PDF) excerpt from the "Report of the New York EDI Collaborative -- Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Proceeding -- Public Service Commission Case 98-M-0667 filed on June 30, 1999.

Effective January 1, 2003, all new electric and/or gas suppliers applying for approval in NYSEG's Service Territory must first successfully complete EDI Core Testing as part of the approval process. New suppliers will be required to satisfy all application requirements, including creditworthiness criteria of NYSEG and the NYISO prior to being accepted into an EDI test batch. This new requirement will require up to 3 weeks to complete. Those interested in a Utility Bill Ready Consolidated Bill will require up to an additional 3 weeks of testing. Please reference NYSEG's EDI test batch schedule.

Request a reservation for a test batch.

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