About Energy Smart Community

About Energy Smart Community

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Tompkins County is now the first Energy Smart Community in New York State. Which means that with the help of new technological innovations, we’re building a smarter energy infrastructure—one that will allow us to respond to outages more quickly, to seamlessly connect with cleaner energy sources, and to keep our energy grid secure. So what does that mean for you?

Simply put, the Energy Smart Community gives you more control, greater flexibility, and more choice. You’ll have access to more data to help you understand the ways you use energy, more products and services to manage your energy usage, and more pricing options that can help you control your costs. In other words, the Energy Smart Community makes it easy for you to save energy and money in ways that make the most sense for you. And by connecting to a grid that’s built for today’s energy demands, it delivers energy more efficiently, reliably, and sustainable to the entire community. 

Tools to help you understand your energy use

Smart meters provide more detailed energy usage data, allowing you to see when you use the most energy. As part of Energy Smart Community, we plan to install approximately 12,500 electric and 7,300 natural gas smart meters in Tompkins County. We expect to expand this program to all customers in our service area over the next few years.

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Energy Manager connects you to your smart meter data to provide you an online day-by-day, hour-by-hour analysis of your energy use with customized recommendations to save energy.

Choices to control your energy use

NYSEG Smart Solutions offers instant rebates on energy-saving products available in our easy-to-use online store.

The Smart Usage Plan  is a new pricing option that can help you save if you use energy during lower-priced “off-peak” periods.

NYSEG Smart Solutions

NYSEG Smart Solutions makes it easy to find the latest deals and instant rebates on energy-efficient products including:

  • smart thermostats
  • LED lighting
  • advanced power strips
  • water saving devices

Find instant rebates

New pricing option

The Smart Usage Plan allowed customers to take advantage of lower electricity prices during certain hours of the day. We expect to offer additional pricing options when smart meters are expanded across our service area over the next few years. 

Your energy data

See all the ways the Energy Smart Community connects you with your data, including smart meters, Energy Manager, and EnergyTrack usage reports. 

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