Critical Facilities Request

Critical Facilities Request

Critical Facility Registration Form

Critical facilities are defined as those facilities from which essential services and functions for survival, continuation of public health and safety, and disaster recovery are performed or provided. Critical facilities plan for continuous electric service to ensure business continuity or continuity of government.

Electric service should be maintained through uninterrupted utility service or a momentary interruption followed by a transfer to backup generation. Critical facility owners are responsible for their own backup generation and appropriate fuel.

Types of critical facilities are:

  • Airports
  • Cable Television Facility
  • College or University
  • Cellular Telephone Facility
  • Dialysis Facility
  • Electric Utility Facilities
  • Emergency Cooling Center
  • Emergency Management Office
  • Emergency Medical Facility (Urgent Care)
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Fire Facility
  • Flood Control Structures
  • Fuel Transfer/Loading Facility
  • High Rise Residential Building (12 stories or greater)
  • Hospital
  • Landline Telephone Facility
  • Mass Transit (e.g. tunnels, bridges, ferry terminals, major rail facility)
  • Military Bases
  • Natural Gas Utility or Pipeline Facility
  • Nursing Home
  • Paramedic and Rescue Facility
  • Police Facility
  • Prison/Correctional Facility
  • Radio Broadcasting Facility
  • Schools
  • Television Broadcasting Facility
  • Waste Water Delivery/Treatment Facility
  • Water Supply System

If you are a critical facility, and have identified yourself as such to NYSEG and provided a direct contact, NYSEG will:

  • Provide pre-storm calls (automated or in person) to your facility before known weather events
  • Communicate any appropriate actions taken by the company during an event
  • Confirm restoration

Pre-storm calls:

When NYSEG'S predictive model anticipates outages may last 48 hours or longer, we will conduct pre-storm calls to critical facilities deemed to be in the path of the storm. The purpose of the automated outbound call will be to advise the facility of the potential for a storm related outage and to encourage the facility to closely monitor their local weather forecast.

Actions taken during an event:

During a significant outage event, NYSEG will contact critical facilities that are experiencing electricity outages to:

  • Advise the facility of the expected duration of the event.
  • Provide the electric emergency phone number should the facility have additional questions or need assistance.
  • Determine if the facility is operating a generator.
  • Inquire about any special issues or concerns the facility has and forward these on to NYSEG operations staff.

Restoration confirmation:

After the emergency has ended, NYSEG will contact each affected critical facility to confirm power has been restored.

Submit this form to register as a critical facility or to update your contact information.

If you have multiple facilities, please submit a separate form for each location.


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